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First, we open the floor to potential patterns in the interest of keeping an open dialogue about the current state of survivor care within their sphere. We treat each conversation as a unique opportunity to stay informed and assess your specific needs.


Next, we build a user portal based on the unique needs of your community. Simple and clear direction from a trauma informed team with one mission: supporting survivors!


From outreach strategy to fulfilment, we take care of it all. Our micro-fulfilment centers deliver post-assault services to survivor doors discreetly and under 2-Hours. Additionally, our 24/7 Care Team is available to provide gentle guidance when survivors need it.


We help survivors navigate their next steps by meeting them on their terms. We offer several paths towards an autonomizing change but ultimately, we trust survivors to be able to define their healing. We are simply here to make that transformation accessible.


Throughout the entire process, Leda examines data trends within our portal to provide discrete reports with actionable insights, without compromising outing survivors or compromising safety. We meet with our partners regularly to review and optimize your strategy towards sustainable support for your community’s needs and priorities.


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