Early Evidence Kit

Our kit enables for easy collection of DNA for Survivors unable or unwilling to go to a hospital.

Quick and Easy

The kit is designed for survivors to be able to collect time-sensitive DNA which can be stored for up to 5 years.

Delivery or Pickup

We can set up delivery in under 2-hour discreet to the survivor's doorstep. Our team also offers on-premises pickup with secure pickup solutions.


All our kits come with testing included in our accredited partner lab. Each kit is tested for DNA, and a report is sent to the survivor.

24/7 Care

Our team of trauma-informed specialist are always on call and ready to help your members with the kit or getting connected to local services.



Leda Health has created processes for tracking the chain of custody that include a mobile application that timestamps, tracks, and enables photographs and videos of the kit and collection. The kits also come with a written method of tracking the chain of custody to assist survivors and other parties to track and maintain the chain. Leda Health’s protocol involves air drying and properly storing the specimens to preserve the DNA. Furthermore, Leda Health’s kits come with tamper-evident hardware to help preserve the kits and prevent tampering.

Admissibility of any particular item of evidence is determined on a case-by-case basis by trial judges. Trial judges have wide discretion in making these decisions that should be guided by the rules of evidence, which vary by state and jurisdiction and take into consideration multiple factors. To be admissible, evidence must be relevant, meaning that it has a tendency to make a fact more or less probable than it would be without the evidence and the fact is of consequence in determining the case. Other elements in admissibility decisions include whether parties offering evidence have shown that the evidence is actually what they claim it to be and admitting it would not unfairly prejudice the jury. Leda Health has worked on developing protocols aimed at ensuring that evidence collected through its kit will be authentic and reliable. See FAQ about chain of custody.

Yes, as long as you're in our in CA, TX, or FL. We have the ability to open a satellite location at your campus or distribute the kit in other ways. Our team is ready to work with you to creat a safe campus.

Leda Health offers support, resources, and a means to gather information after a sexual assault. Leda Health is not a medical service and the information we provide is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or counseling. Leda Health does not offer legal advice to its users. Questions about legal rights or options after a sexual assault, should be directed to local law enforcement and/or an attorney. We cannot guarantee that any information collected will be offered, admitted, or relied upon in a court of law. The ultimate admissibility and reliability of the information that is collected through Leda Health’s services will be dependent on the specific circumstances of the case and applicable law. To obtain the full benefits of our service, a user must carefully read and follow all instructions that correspond to this kit.

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